Vape Hardware for Cloud Competitions: A Guide to Competition-Ready Devices

Vape Hardware for Cloud Competitions: A Guide to Competition-Ready Devices

Participating in cloud competitions, also known as “cloud chasing,” requires a specialized setup designed to produce massive, dense clouds of vapor. Here’s a guide to alto vape hardware that is competition-ready and suitable for cloud chasing:

  1. High-Power Box Mods: In cloud competitions, power is crucial. Look for box mods that can output 150 watts or more. Dual or triple battery mods are preferred for longer battery life and consistent power output.
  2. RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers): RDAs are favored in cloud competitions due to their superior airflow and vapor production. Choose RDAs with large build decks, ample airflow, and low resistance builds.
  3. Low Resistance Coils: Building coils with low resistance (sub-ohm) increases the amount of power that can be applied, leading to more significant vapor production. Fused Clapton, Alien, or other complex coils can help achieve this.
  4. High VG E-Liquid: E-liquids with high VG content (typically 70% VG or higher) are thicker and produce larger clouds compared to PG-dominant liquids. Choose e-liquids with low nicotine content or 0mg for cloud competitions.
  5. Wide Bore Drip Tips: A wide bore drip tip allows more air to flow through the atomizer, resulting in increased vapor production. Choose a drip tip with a wide opening for maximum airflow.
  6. Proper Airflow: Adjust the airflow on your RDA for maximum vapor production. Generally, more airflow equals bigger clouds, but you’ll need to find the right balance for your specific setup.
  7. Battery Safety: Cloud chasing puts a significant strain on batteries. Use high-drain batteries rated for the power you’re using, and ensure they are in good condition. Always follow battery safety guidelines.

Popular devices for cloud competitions include the SMOK Alien 220W Mod, Vaporesso Luxe PM40, and GeekVape Aegis X. For RDAs, the Goon RDA, Wotofo Profile RDA, and the Drop RDA are all excellent choices.

In conclusion, preparing for a cloud competition requires a setup optimized for vapor production. High-power mods, low-resistance builds, RDAs with ample airflow, high VG e-liquids, and wide bore drip tips are all essential components for a competition-ready device. Always prioritize safety and practice responsible vaping, especially when participating in cloud competitions.


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