Label Guns Seal Sealant Company’s Product Returns to Improve Returns

Label Guns Seal Sealant Company’s Product Returns to Improve Returns

Label guns can solve a myriad of operational, batch and process problems for companies. They are not merely there to mark up baked beans in your local convenience store. This case study explains how a humble and cheap label gun helped save a Sealant Manufacturers thousands of pounds in erroneous returns.

Founded in 1859 and a global brand, Adshead produces the sealant range used in all aspects of construction, automotive, industrial and marine applications. Their experience has made them the market leader but their processes were letting them down.

Most of their products have a 12 month shelf life, but specialised sealants can have much shorter life cycles. As all sealants are shipped in the same containers.

The customer had been experiencing high levels of customer returns but the problem was identified to be a result of the sealants curing over time in storage, rather than after application.

A method for marking up was required to ensure that customers got a product with shelf life remaining and that they were not returned faulty just because they have been left on the shelf too long.

As product colours are limited, a two-line label gun was produced with an adjustable date print head on one line and an adjustable print head band on the second. This second band had pre-embossed wording to indicate colour (vital as the packaging is universal).

As a result, all products are simply marked up upon completion on the production line in a quick, efficient action by the operator. Label gun labels are pre-printed with other company specific information as required.

As a result, otherwise ‘fault’ goods are identifiable as being out of date so customer returns for faulty sealants has fallen drastically.




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