Different Aspects of Palm Tree

Palm tree is not an easy tree to grow. Palm trees grow only when special care and attention is provided. It needs a lot to grow a splendorous rent palm trees in NY in your garden. Also, the palm tree grower should have adequate knowledge and experience of growing a palm tree. Firstly, he should be able to grow on in the container or a small pot that is provided by nurseries. The birth of a palm tree takes place in a container of a nursery. It is grown till the seedling becomes up till 10-20 centimeters in size. It takes a long two years time. Patience matters a lot. Only then it is rooted into earth when the roots start coming out from the bottom of the container.

The hole of plantation of the tree is to be as thick as the root. The depth of the root should also be more than that grown in the container. Soil should surround the hole. By doing so, the soil would be active as a natural water body for the tree. Also, it should be considered that no buildings should be constructed near the tree. By doing so it is possible that the building’s foundation would get hampered because of the long spread roots.

Not more than a drop of water is needed for its growth as the soil around it already acts as a reserve. Quality of the soil is a major factor that should be taken into consideration as all the nutrients are obtained from the soil. Also the provision of fertilizers, both organic and inorganic, is necessary. Also by the action of fungi due to the fertilizers the growth of the palm increases by quite a visible margin. Timely application of fertilizers to the soil, provide manganese and potassium.

Also, before growing the tree, the average height should be taken into being. If a species purchased by you grows around 50 feet, it would pose a problem as your cable lines running underground would get disrupted. Also the cables high above your house would be disturbed. Also the tree would be so big that the view of your house would not be so great. A variety of palm tree should be chosen in such a way that the landscape of not only your house but also the locality should not be disturbed. Also, your house should look beautiful.

Also, a lot depends upon the topography and weather of the area. A specific amount of sunshine is required for the tree. Some of them need bright sunlight while others grow nicely in shady areas. It is always better to check with the experts about these decisions before plantation of your palm tree.



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